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Cube Boxes
Cube Boxes
Cube boxes disburse product weight evenly for easier stacking.
  • Use these popular size cube boxes to package cylindrical, round or odd shaped products.
  • Sold and shipped flat in bundle quantities.

Cube Boxes
Inside Dimensions
L x W x H
Multi Depth/
3333 x 3 x 3"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/3000
4444 x 4 x 4"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/1800
MD4444 x 4 x 4"2"25/1800
444W4 x 4 x 4"White25/1800
5555 x 5 x 5"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/1800
555W5 x 5 x 5"White25/1800
6666 x 6 x 6"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/1800
666W6 x 6 x 6"White25/1800
HD6666 x 6 x 6"ECT-44 Single Wall Corrugated25/1500
HD666DW6 x 6 x 6"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated15/675
7777 x 7 x 7"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/500
777W7 x 7 x 7"White25/500
8888 x 8 x 8"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/900
MD8888 x 8 x 8"6,4"25/900
888W8 x 8 x 8"White25/900
HD08088 x 8 x 8"ECT-44 Single Wall Corrugated25/500
HD888DW8 x 8 x 8"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated15/300
9999 x 9 x 9"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/600
MD9999 x 9 x 9"7,5"25/600
10101010 x 10 x 10"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/500
MD10101010 x 10 x 10"8,6"25/500
101010W10 x 10 x 10"White25/500
HD101010 x 10 x 10"ECT-44 Single Wall Corrugated25/500
HD101010DW10 x 10 x 10"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated15/300
11111111 x 11 x 11"ECT-32 Corrugated25/500
12121212 x 12 x 12"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/500
MD12121212 x 12 x 12"10,8"25/500
121212W12 x 12 x 12"White25/500
HD121212 x 12 x 12"ECT-44 Single Wall Corrugated25/250
HD1212DW12 x 12 x 12"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated15/150
13131313 x 13 x 13"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/500
MD13131313 x 13 x 13"11,9,7"25/500
HD1313DW13 x 13 x 13"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated15/180
14141414 x 14 x 14"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/250
MD14141414 x 14 x 14"12,10,8"25/250
141414W14 x 14 x 14"White25/250
HD14141414 x 14 x 14"ECT-44 Single Wall Corrugated25/250
HD141414DW14 x 14 x 14"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated15/120
15151515 x 15 x 15"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/250
MD15151515 x 15 x 15"13,11,9,7"25/250
HD1515DW15 x 15 x 15"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated15/90
16161616 x 16 x 16"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/125
MD16161616 x 16 x 16"14,12,10,8"10/120
161616W16 x 16 x 16"White25/125
HD161616 x 16 x 16"ECT-44 Single Wall Corrugated25/125
HD161616DW16 x 16 x 16"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated15/90
17171717 x 17 x 17"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated25/150
MD17171717 x 17 x 17"15,13,11"25/150
18181818 x 18 x 18"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated20/120
MD18181818 x 18 x 18"16,14,12,10"20/120
181818W18 x 18 x 18"White20/120
HD181818 x 18 x 18"ECT-44 Single Wall Corrugated20/120
HD1818DW18 x 18 x 18"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated10/70
19191919 x 19 x 19"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated10/120
20202020 x 20 x 20"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated10/120
MD20202020 x 20 x 20"18,16,14"10/120
202020W20 x 20 x 20"White10/120
HD20202020 x 20 x 20"ECT-44 Single Wall Corrugated10/120
MDHD20202020 x 20 x 20"ECT-44 - 18,16,14"10/120
HD202020DW20 x 20 x 20"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated10/70
21212121 x 21 x 21"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated15/150
22222222 x 22 x 22"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated10/120
MD22222222 x 22 x 22"20,18,16"10/120
HD22222222 x 22 x 22"ECT-44 Single Wall Corrugated10/120
HD222222DW22 x 22 x 22"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated10/90
24242424 x 24 x 24"ECT-32 Corrugated10/120
MD24242424 x 24 x 24"22,20,18,16"10/120
242424W24 x 24 x 24"White10/120
HD24242424 x 24 x 24"ECT-44 Single Wall Corrugated10/120
MDHD24242424 x 24 x 24"ECT-44 - 22,20,18,16,14,12"10/120
HD2424DW24 x 24 x 24"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated10/70
HD242424TW24 x 24 x 24"ECT-90 Triple Wall Corrugated5/30
25252525 x 25 x 25"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated10/120
26262626 x 26 x 26"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated10/120
MD26262626 x 26 x 26"24,22,20"10/120
MDHD26262626 x 26 x 26"ECT-44 - 20,18,16,14,12,10"10/120
HD262626DW26 x 26 x 26"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated5/75
27272727 x 27 x 27"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated5/120
28282828 x 28 x 28"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated5/120
30303030 x 30 x 30"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated5/120
HD303030DW30 x 30 x 30"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated5/75
HD303030TW30 x 30 x 30"ECT-90 Triple Wall Corrugated5/30
32323232 x 32 x 32"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated5/120
34343434 x 34 x 34"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated5/120
36363636 x 36 x 36"ECT-32 Single Wall Corrugated5/120
MD36363636 x 36 x 36"24,22,20"5/120
HD3636DW36 x 36 x 36"ECT-48 Double Wall Corrugated5/75

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